What We Do

Criminal  Trials and Appeals

We have successfully defended clients facing charges of impaired driving, drug offenses, sexual assault, fraud and more. 
We also regularly provide legal advice and representation to witnesses, complainants and people who are under investigation by the police. 


We assist in the investigation, and defense of all types of regulatory offenses related to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, License and Liquor Control Act, Environmental Protection Act, Fire Code, Highway Traffic Act, and more.

Mental Health Proceedings

 We can give you advice about issues involving power of attorney, Ontario Review Board hearings, and what to do when someone you know is dealing with a complex mental health issue or is in conflict with the law because of their mental health.

Discipline and Professional Misconduct

We represent professionals in allegations of misconduct or other violations of the regulatory standards associated with their profession. 
We strive to resolve cases without the need for a disciplinary hearing.